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Slab My Cymbals

Three cymbals played forwards and backwards. Edited to a sequence in two sections of six. A drone of one cymbal played with a motorised cotton-bud and amplified with a piezo transducer and reversed. For two separated loudspeakers.

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Frequencies was conceived as a live expanded-cinema event and was developed from the sound installation Frequency (q.v.below). It is concerned with the sensory experience of the interaction of slowly changing frequencies of sound and light and phase shifts of beats and flicker between two loudspeakers and two projections.

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Frequencies was produced using two home-made single string electric guitars each with a motorised device. One runs a 19 minute cycle and the other a 9½ minute cycle, during which the pitch is shifted by around one semi-tone producing harmonics, beats and dissonance. The colour of light, centred on green, is changed synchronously with the sound, using filter wheels in front of two 16mm projectors.


The guitar strings were played with motorised plectrums at around 8-12 beats per second. Projection was at 24fps with external fans producing additional flicker at frequencies similar to the guitars.

The resulting images were projected and superimposed onto a back projection screen and filmed with a digital camera. Sound was played through two loudspeakers and recorded directly with two microphones. The separation of the loudspeakers in the space of the screening affecting the acoustic phenomena experienced.


FREQUENCY (sound installation)
Algomech Festival DINA Sheffield 19th May

Frequency is a sound installation of two constructed single-string electric guitars with electric motors that tension and de-tension the strings very slowly.

They are played with motorised spinning plectrums (as frequencies above). Speakers to be positioned on opposite sides of the space. The 'instruments' at the front of the space. The work has a 19 minutes cycle. An installation of slowly shifting drone of harmonics dissonance and beatings.


TAILINGS (single screen stereo sound)

… material left after separating the valuable fraction from the uneconomic fraction of an ore. Filmed from a single position at Wheal Maid tailings lagoons, Gwennap, Cornwall, April 2018, onto 16mm colour negative film scanned and edited digitally. Audio, including a football rattle played around the lagoon and two bowed bell cymbals, recorded in stereo digitally.
Newlyn Film Festival Cornwall 7th April
Alchemy Festival Hawick Scotland 6th May
Braziers Mini Indi Film Festival Oxfordshire 25th May

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DESCENT / ASCENT single screen (with Jo Millett)

An open loop of 100ft of film (two minutes forty-four seconds) was dropped down a well shaft and exposed with a descending piece of burning magnesium. A crackling sparkler was lowered down the well and recorded with a directional microphone from the top. Sound and image edited togther - one minute and forty-four seconds forwards and one minute and forty-four seconds backwards.
For 100ft of Deep Time Mayes Creative / Cinestar Summer 2018


QUIET DRUMS TO LOUD SPEAKERS a funny thing happened on the way to the future Brodrick Gallery, Hull School of Art & Design 21st October - 15th December 2017

ART AND THE APPARATUS OF HIGHER EDUCATION N|TRO Non Traditional Research Outcomes, October 2017

ROOTED OUT (with Jo Millett) 16mm projection and sound event ReRooted Hull City of Culture Humber Street Gallery Hull March 2017

(digital version) Post Truth Film Programme Visibility Conference, Sheffield Hallam University March 2017
extract: password: RootedOut2016

POLITICS PRACTICE PEDAGOGY ART Performance Research Journal - On Radical Education Link to article:

PROJECTIONS FOR…PERCUSSION ETC. The Problem of Perspective 7.00pm Roar Westgate Rotherham, 20 January 2017 1.00pm Middleton Hall Hull University Hull 26th March 2017