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Installations and Events


Frequencies is a live expanded-cinema event using two 16mm projectors with electro-mechanical devices and stereo sound. It is concerned with the sensory experience of the interaction of slowly changing colours of overlapping and flickering projections, and of slow frequency shifts of sound causing beats, harmonics and dissonance between the loudspeakers.

ROOTED OUT 2017 (with Jo Millett) 16mm projection and sound event.

Rooted Out is a projection event that attempts to create a full colour image in 3D from monochrome film of UK and EU flags being waved. Two ukuleles will be played live, with a motorised plectrum through two speakers. The work will teeter precariously on the edge of successfully achieving its aim with a twin projection through a revolving shutter of red and green filters (the Kinemacolor process and 3D without the glasses). The likelihood of faithful colour reproduction is fickle, but as with the question of feeling European and British, it is not a black & white issue but is a question of what you want to see as much as what is constructed.
With thanks to: Isobel Haysom & Gwen Gawthrop

YARD NOISES IN for Interplay CMR - Inland Festival Redruth 2014

RING NOISES IN for embedded Enys House Penryn 2014

SEA NOISE IN Performance Transistion Residency, Newlyn Gallery 2013

IN (OUT) : OUT (IN) for In From the Out Blank Space Gallery Manchester 2011

DRIP MUSIC & SOLO FOR VIOLIN, VIOLA OR CONTRABASS George Brecht 1959/62 in 4 weeks 33 hours final show CMR gallery Redruth 2011

Participant in JEFF KEEN GAZAPOCALYPSE – Return to the Golden Age (member of Albino Ray Band) The Tanks, Tate Modern 2011

OXIDE II & III Ben Gwillam + REMOTE + FILM NOISE screening, discussion and improvisation at London 2011

Performance/improvisation with Pete McPartlan, Empty Orchestra Eastside Projects, Birmingham (part of The Event) 2011

FUNCTIONAL ACTION (Tony Sinden) with Alan Baker & David Cunningham, Tate Modern in Time Revealing Truth: A Celebration of the Life and Work of Tamara Krikorian and Tony Sinden 2009

"... highlight of the night was David Cunningham (a former member of seventies one-hit wonder band/collective Flying Lizards), Rob Gawthop, and Alan Baker, performing a 1977 sound piece from Sinden’s Functional Action series. They each rubbed a couple of pots together and the resulting music was a groove sensation!" Stewart Home (blog/archives/2805).

DUBPLATE/DINNER DANCE Menu For Murmur The Chapman Gallery University of Salford 2010

Dinner plate played with a fork on a turntable 33/45rpm


DISTANT DRUMS Shaking Hands With Ghosts Site specific Installation Dartington Estate 2010

REMOTE 16mm/audio/DVD Installation, The Gallery, Dartington 2009
North Sea, Humber Mouth, Humber Estuary filmed over three days summer 2008 on 16mm film, triple exposure. Sea, wind and steel table-top electric guitar played by the wind, distortion-pedal, two distant speakers; recorded in stereo on mini-disc on beach by North Sea. Sound & picture transferred & refilmed onto digital video 2009

MOVING AIR installation, The Gallery, Dartington 2009
electric motors, steel line, Meccano,
active speakers, microphones 2009.

ON-SPURN Residency with Jo Millett, Rick Welton, Pete McPartlan, Sabine Biele and Bob Levene; Spurn Point, East Yorkshire, 2008.

O2 MILE QUADRUPLEX Pete McPartlan, The Boathouse, Hull. AV improvisation 2008

MEGAPHONES Small Structures (site specific installation) Architecture Week, ARC Hull. (with Bob Levene & Espen Jensen as Hull Art Lab) 2006

CINEMATIC EVENTS (2005) Slack Video, The Lamp, Hull, Launch of NowHere Lab London

QUIET DRUMS TO LOUD SPEAKERS (installation) Standpoint Gallery, Hoxton, London. 2000

NOISE TRANSMISSIONS 2.2 - 5 mins, The New Hull School of Art, Hull, Timebase, Hull, Standpoint Gallery, Hoxton London 1999

SWITCH-ON PHONE-IN TUNE-OUT Live radio broadcast for telephone and three radio receivers. (Hearing is Believing - Video Positive, Liverpool) 1995

PERCUSSION, VIDEO & NOISE TRANSMISSIONS (with Gina Czarnecki), HTBA members commission, ROOT 97, Warehouse 6. 1997.

WHAT THE EYE DOESNT SEE Post Industrial Studies No 1 - Coal & Transport (with Mike Stubbs) - North Woolwich Railway Station and Old Station Museum (Rivercrossings / Camerawork) 1993